On Friday, September 30th, 2016, a group of BOGCHS’s upperclassmen were able to visit one of Ernst & Young’s corporate offices in Menlo Park, NJ. Ernst & Young is a financial service company that works with well-established clients such as Verizon and Samsung, to other corporations around the world in places such as Europe, India, Middle East, and Africa. Ernst and Young provides services such as consulting, tax preparation, and auditing. Students were able to get an inside look on how to become an intern, the type of degrees needed to become an employee, how the business operates, and the fundamentals of how working as a team can help accomplish all tasks assigned. After an initial introduction, the group was split into two teams (Team Knowledge and Team Tsunami) and was given two tasks to complete by the end of the day. One half of each group was responsible for the creation of a bridge, made out of only cardboard and tape, as well as be able to hold at least twelve people, while the other half of each group used the company conference room to create an idea to pitch to the Senior Management Team, resembling the show “Shark Tank”. Check out these amazing pictures of our students in action!


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