What better way to prepare students for college, than to have them engage in college-level coursework while in high school? During the Spring of 2016, six juniors from The Barack Obama Green Charter School (BOGCHS) enrolled in a Topics in Sustainability course at Kean University. This opportunity is the result of a partnership between BOGCHS and Kean, which enables high-performing high school students to earn college credit and gain firsthand college experience while still in high school.

Our BOGCHS On Campus initiative supports the school’s mission to, “inspire leaders for sustainable development with a focus on our environment.” This initiative also furthers our goal of having every student—many of whom qualify for free and reduced-price lunch—achieve 100% college acceptance and enrollment.

A Snapshot of Kean University's Topics in Sustainability Course Syllabus

A Snapshot of Kean University’s Topics in Sustainability Course Syllabus

We are so proud of the six students who attended evening classes at Kean University this past spring semester:

Matthew Benjamin

Rhonda Bennett

Doreen Frimpong

Farjah Huggins

Johanna Sailema

Lee Best
Lee Best is the Guidance Counselor of Barack Obama Green Charter High School, New Jersey's first sustainability-focused charter school, cultivating the next generation of STEM and environmental leaders.