Great things are taking place over here at Barack Obama Green Charter High School. On December 5, 2016, 20 of our young leaders served as inspiring role models to students at Queen City Academy Charter School in Plainfield through their participation in the Junior Achievement High School Heroes Initiative. These High School Heroes built valuable employability skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and communication, while empowering 216 elementary school students in grades K-5  to own their economic success. It was a great success in every way. The students loved our high schoolers and all of the teachers were very impressed with your students. The feedback from the teachers and students we very positive. Check them out below.

The testimony below speaks volumes….

Teacher Feedback

“The day is going really well. These students are doing a great job keeping my kids engaged.”- Ms. Purnell, Kindergarten Teacher

“My students learned about community and neighborhood in kindergarten so this is great review material. It’s been a fantastic day.”- Ms. Dyzenhaus, 1st Grade Teacher

“My kids told me that Quevon is more interesting than I am! He’s doing a great job and it’s especially nice for my students to have a strong male role model in the classroom.”- Ms. Thomas, 5th Grade Teacher

Student Feedback

“We learned about workers and jobs today. We also played a fun game with the high schoolers.”- 1st grader

“I voted to have the butterfly garden in my school because I like butterflies and I like gardens.” – Jasmine, 2nd grader

“I’m saving my money to donate.” – Ethan, 3rd grader

High School Hero Feedback

“My students are very interested in the discussions!”- Quevon

“Being in the classroom made me feel special. I liked seeing all the kids’ smiles.” – Edith

“I liked getting to know the students’ goals.”-Daekuan

To view photos of the event, please click here


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